Our graphic design services have no limits. Whether you need your brand to live online or offline, we do it all.

Whether you’re running a full campaign, rebranding, or developing new products and services. Our graphic designers cover everything from branding, brochures, online ads, annual reports, ebooks, magazines, online newsletters (eDMs), merchandise and product design.

If it needs to look great, let us make it look amazing.


With BLOQ Design, we ensure design and artistry meets user experience.

Digital media is the future, but there’s a lot of material out there vying for attention.

We bring our graphic design artistry, combined with our understanding of what makes online campaigns successful, to create digital artwork that will drive traffic, encourage conversions and see online campaigns executed perfectly.

Digital ads, social media advertising, ecommerce ads, online catalogues or websites. The list is truly endless in today’s age. Not only can we design for all mediums, but we tailor our designs for all platforms – PC, Mac, smartphones and tablets. 


We understand how important it is to have an impactful brand with your offline marketing material. And just when you think there are no more new ideas to be had, you meet with us.

We won’t just design something pretty (pretty awesome!) – we’ll help you come up with ideas for how you can say something important in a really special way.

Merchandise, reports, brochures, packaging, investor material, signs, posters and the endless list that is printed material – we will come up with a new way to showcase your brand. 


Look – we know there are apps for that. And for this. And freelancers in far away countries.  We know there are ways you can create something that’s practically free.

But will it stand out? Will it truly reflect your brand? Will it end up costing you more as you try and integrate one thing in with the rest of your brand? Probably.

As someone wise once said, you do the things you’re really good at and get other people to help you with the things they’re really good at.

We’re really good at this. Graphic design is what we do best. 


Look, we know how hard taking the first step is. You might not have a lot of time, and you’re not sure exactly what you need. Whilst your brain is full of everything else to do with your business, our brains are just focused on your brand.

So if you’re a Brisbane business, a Sydney firm, a Melbourne agency or a Gold Coast company – let us be your Brisbane graphic designers.

Pick up the phone, send us an email, tell us your story and let us do the rest. 

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